Calling ALL Recreational Therapists!

Would you like to earn $10 off you TRAO Annual Conference Fees??  We need to act on HR 1906!  Our Legislators are in their home districts for the month of August, and throughout the fall until election.  If you attended the TRAO annual conference you will be familiar with HR 1906.  But if not or need a refresher, it is the “Access to Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Act of 2015”.  HR 1906 amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to include recreational therapy services among the therapeutic modalities that constitute an intensive rehabilitation therapy program in determining whether inpatient services in an inpatient rehabilitation facility are reasonable and necessary.  We need everyone’s involvement so we can help get this passed.  It is very important to the profession of Recreational Therapy!

Enclosed you will find a Advocacy Action Template, it is the letter you insert your representatives’ name and sign it with you name and credentials.  If you don’t know what district you are in, I have included a list of the 5 representatives and their districts.  You will be able to click on the link to find out how to email them the letter.  You will also find attached a letter of recommendation from American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation that you can enclose in your email to your representative.

We must act quickly, we have until September 9th.   It just takes a few minutes to do and for each letter emailed, it will gain the attention of our representative.  To earn the $10 off, please show your confirmation letter from your representative at the TRAO conference.

Thank you!

https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1906  (HB 1906)

https://www.atra-online.com/assets/pdf/policy/federal-public-policy/HR_1906_advocacy_email_Congressperson.pdf    (Template letter)

https://www.atra-online.com/assets/pdf/policy/federal-public-policy/AAPMR_Coalition_Letter_on_3_Hour_Rule_Bill_-_FINAL_(D0602052).pdf   (letter of support from AAPMR, include in your letter)

https://bridenstine.house.gov/contact/ (1st district) Tulsa

http://mullin.house.gov/contact (2nd district) All of Eastern Oklahoma, not including Tulsa.  Almost to Ardmore.

http://lucas.house.gov/ (3rd district) All of western and Northwestern Oklahoma North of OKC

https://cole.house.gov/contact (4th district)  Norman/Moore to Lawton over to Alva to the southern border of OK.

https://russell.house.gov/contact (5th district)  OKC, east OKC to Shawnee, Mcloud to Wewoka.